Friday, 19 September 2014

My life after yoga

        Finally the moment came in my life also. Gotta job after lot of struggle. I had attended so many interviews in college itself and selected in one company. They did not call me for long time. So I worked in a small company and searched for a job. It took one year from the completion of degree to settle in a job. I am not able to describe that moment. It was not happy. I took it as a duty. But it was exciting to get a new experience.

          I kept my footprints in Chennai. Still I remember how my brother taught me to cross the signal , how to take ticket and catch the local train. Joined the company. Everything was good. The initial two years I enjoyed a lot.

       Then came the real face of the IT world. I stretched for long time to meet the deadline. I was not bothered about my sitting positions. I did not care how long I was sitting in the chair. The health which I gained from my childhood because of my mom, everything had gone. Started eating lot of junk foods not because I was hungry just for time pass .put on weight. And along with this back pain also came at free of cost. My backbone got very weak. Every time when I woke up I got stiffness in my back. I was a volleyball player in my college and was strong and had good immunity. Chennai hostel life gave me situations in which I lost my immunity. I used to get fever some times and cold very often.

      So started doing  some warm ups and stretches when I woke up everyday morning. I was doing  it regularly and I had a thought that I was doing everything correct. But something was missing and not satisfied with that. It was not full fledged and full hearted one.
        Then the situation came which made me to relocate to vijaya nagar( it is not vijaya nagar but we used to call like that). My health became very worst because of lot of worries. Cold became very good friend of mine. It was visiting me quite often. It took so many reasons to come like dust allergy , cold weather, rainy season, summer season. Like thalaivar dialogue if I put tablet it used to be there for a week if I didn't put it used to be there for 7 days.
        Till then I had a very bad impression about yoga centers, gym everything. I thought why to spend money on them. I used to spend lot of money but when it comes to join any class, I will start thinking and picking up the reasons to not to join the class. If I think any center suddenly in my memory it flashes like artificial room facing the main road where we can see only vehicles and hear the vehicles noise. So I was not having much interest to go to any class. But finally I thought of putting some money on my health.
        I heard about school of santhi , the first center which I visited. Had a talk with Dev master and Parvati master. And had a look of the place where we do yoga, the terrace.
       Something attracted me. Mainly the environment , atmosphere. I felt the nature. It was surrounded by trees. I felt liveliness there.Lighting was good. I like the place which has good ventilation. I liked this and joined. No second thought at all. For buying one dress I used to see lot of options. But when it came to yoga I didn't think for long time.I just went saw the place and said that I will come from tomorrow. I was not interested to ask any questions to masters when enquiring also. Because I don't know anything about yoga.I believed them and committed myself.

          The very first day when I came to class ,Parvati master took class. I joined on April this year for 7 to 8 batch. She used to give demo for each stretch and pose. Then surya namaskar. First in my lifetime, was learning the perfect suryanamaskar and trying to do. I watched everyone in the class and got so much surprised about their flexibility.I was thinking when on the earth I will do like this. Raji , Manju were the only batchmates I knew. I used to get take a place near by Manju. Got very much inspired by her. I asked her when did you join. She said one month back.Then I thought after one month I will also become like her.

         Most of the times I got disappointed if anything was not coming. And after coming from class I had to lie down in bed for at least half an hour. I got so much tired. Everyday after coming from the class I lied down in bed. Then slowly I used to get ready for office. I had no attachment with masters. I didn't know how to call them. Since I was not able to call them by name , I did not call them at all.

          I do not remember when did we start calling them as masters. I think from nagala trek onwards. Then I was dedicatedly going for the class without absence. I got interested and I loved to do yoga. There comes changes in my life.

         As the time passed I got up from my bed without back pain. And I became active most of the times. My stamina has increased, after coming from the class i am able to get ready for office without taking rest .My friend , cold visits me very rarely. Happy for that.

         I was very strong in nature. But some incidents made me lose my character and slowly I was becoming weak. After one or two months of class I was regaining my character. I got the attitude " whatever happens , let it happen will see" like that. My heartbeat increases when I think of something. Slowly that was reduced by itself. Got the mindset of accepting, defending, facing the problems.

         After Nagala trekking trip I got some strength and freshness in my mind. After the parvadha malai trip I changed a lot. My mindset got changed. I was ready to face the problems. I started finding out positive from everything. And I am slowly becoming kind hearted also.

        Since I got so much influenced by masters , finding out positive things and being kind and caring, all these characteristics I inherited from them. I want them to be in their character life long in all the critical situations also. Because I feel that is the beauty of my gurus.
        I did not have any guru from my childhood. I love that relationship. Guru shishyai. How beautiful it is, if someone is there to guide , advice , and being role model. And I like to do any activity if masters say so , without asking any questions.

        Apart from that my willpower is increasing.And my acceptance level is increasing. My adjustability level with others is slowly increasing.
       Each time when I do yoga pose I am doing full heartedly. Trying to attain every posture and doing with passion. Every time when I finish my final prayer after class I feel very satisfied.

      My father always used to say , stay with people who have good vibrations and good thoughts. Good thoughts only make people to step forward in life. In that case I am lucky I got the people like masters around me with good thoughts and vibrations. Let's see how long this journey continues. Finally at the end of the day , it is all about people and the relationship with them. I am trying not to hurt anyone. I don't know is there any relation between yoga and all these character changes. But after going to class only I got all these changes in me.

                                  I am in the process of positive changes...

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Parvadha malai trip

            Since i was not sure whether I will go or not to the outing planned from Yoga Center, I had a very little dream about the trekking and the girivalam. by having very few expectations and no knowledge of parvadha malai, started up with the journey, that made me very happy.
            My fellowmates with the journey are Dev master a very caring and resposible, Parvati Master a very determined and focused, Nanda master a motivational energy booster, Raji the fast trekkker and the trek leader, Nims very supportive trek leader and enthusiastic, Arya a calm ,sweet, helping adjustable mate, Mr.Subramanian sir a spiritual,self motivated, finally Kaviyarasan, the great all in all in one person,wellvesed trekker,tips giver,energiser.

            Night nearly seven we reached to Yoga center from where we started our journey. Myself and Nims  made everyone wait from 5.30 onwards. Somehow we started our journey nearly by 7.30 p.m. with full of positive vibrations by pronuncing 'OM' inside the car. Our energy level went high. We started by friday July 25. and saturday was a no moon day. We had lots of points which can stop our plan. Since it was no moon day, had a doubt,how can we go to girivalam and climb the parvadha malai on these days.We thought nobody will go on no moon day. The one soul which believed like ' we can make it ' is parvati master.Her spirit made this journey very successful.

            As usual our journey was wonderful.Chatting,teasing each other. Had very good memorable journey because so many were not sleeping. The one and only Arya the rubber alone slept. Put halt for break.We had our dinner there. Dinner was brought by Subramanian sir. He and his wife prepared tamrine rice and curd rice. Everybody had with so much satisfaction. that too curd rice everybody had liked.I went to near by tea small tea shop where I bought biscuits. I asked for tea to Nanda master.Then everybody joined. After long time, after long journey in the night I drank coffee in glass.If I think that moment now also I feel happy.In mid of journey two times car stopped but nobody had bad vibrations. We just told All is well and started.

            Nearly 1.10 A.M we reached in front of Arunachaleswarar temple. Started the Girivalam from there.That was the night in my lifetime not even slept for a minute.We had dharshan of all the llingas on the way.It was a beautiful walk in the night.Since the team was very small in number(9) we rarely split into different groups..And the memorable places for me are idukku pillaiyar temple and the place after this temple where we medidated facing the mountain.It was dark when we closed our eyes, when we opened sun raised. It was very pleasant. And my

another favorite places are under the street light where myself and and Dev master lifted Parvati master and the tea bench.For the whole journey of girivalam Nanda master was chanting Om
Namashivaya.Parvati master was also chanting but stopped in middle(she said I was the reason kept on asking her questions at last she stopped chanting started answering) It is a 14 km girivalam.There are eight lingas on the way. We had dharshans of few of them.Others were closed. The asta lingams are Indira lingam,Agni lingam, Yema lingam, Niruthi lingam,Varuna lingam,Gubera lingam,Esanya lingam.

            Finally approx 6.20 A.M. We reached arunachaleswarar temple. After entering the temple in first praharam we sat for some time.I liked the place very much.And then we started with Murugan temple and then next praharam got ashirvadham from elephant and then the next praharam had a very good dharshan of shiva and his wife. That was our first achievement Felt happy. Crossed one milestone in our whole plan.

            We had tiffin from Anbu Mess our stomach was filled. Then we got the room in Shesatri ashramam itself.Took enogh rest and started to go parvadha malai.We packed our things.Though one or two bag is enough we thought why to carry heavy weight we will share and pack.We had taken magoes, bread,jam,dates,glucose,waterbottle and bananas.When starting Parvati master Dev master went to office room to inform them that we are going to parvadha malai. That person told nobody goes in no moon day and in night time no one will be there.It is better you dont go. I went to get water from office room. I heard this story. And I spread the news to everyone.We were all having confusion how can we go like that. Parvati master told to make a decision.They decided to climb.Ok we told.

            Nearly 4.30 P.M. Saturday we started from ashramam.Probabably half an hour we had roamed to find out a tiffin center. After that found a tiffin center where only parotta was available. Since Raji has acknowledged we all had our tiffin there. And as usual Paru master had given her parotta share to Dev master.(which impacted him later).Since we had spent some time in finding out the tiffin center,everyone started murmuring.We said we would have had in ashramam itself. Nanda master told Kadham is Kadham.Dev mater told it was rained heavily here.Now only stopped.So we have reached at the right time only. All is well.Likewise in each situation we started seeing the positive things.Then we all got energy and reached the place.from where we need to climb parvadha malai.


            There was a small town and a Ayyanar temple.That Ayyanar was awesome and very big(pramandam). I have never seen that much big ayyanar closer. And we got ashirvadham from  veerbadrar, vanadurgai and started to climb.Here comes my favorite place parvadha malai.

            Initially for few kilometers we were walking on the land.Two rods were given by some people. They said the rod has to reach at the top of the mountain to build something on the mountain.From our group we took two rods.One rod was carried by Nanda master and Parvati master. And then another rod was carried by Kaviyarasan and Dev master.For the whole trip Nanda master was showing very different characteristic, very spiritual.When walking on the girivalam and climbing the mountain also he was keep on chanting 'Om Namashivaya'.He and Paru master was having a strong mindset that should not keep the rod down at all.And for the whole five hours journey they did not keep that down at all. Nanda master said that it is his Karma vinai. He wanted to keep it down at the top of the mountain only.

            Then comes the 'steps padhai(path)'. Approx 1500 steps were there.Some of us were hearing the story which told by the Ezhumalai anna who is living in the small village near by mountain.we are able to see the structure of the Nandi in the mountain,the back side of Nandi, the hump, and the head portion.While climbing we were able to see the light from temple.Our energy got boosted up.When we started since it is evening the light was there, after some time became dark.We all had taken our torch ,mobile light and if somebody was not having then helped each other.

            Before climbing Dev master told to pair with one person and told “should motivate each other in the pair and nobody leaves noone in the middle.Together we should go”.My pair was Arya. The sweet girl supported me a lot.

            The first person who has led us is Raji followed her with Nims, and then Subramnian sir ,then our Nanda master and Parvati master holding each side of the rod .Next was me then Arya.Finally Kaviyarasan and Dev master holding the rod.Few of us were started telling 'Om Namashivaya','Hara Hara Mahadeva','Jeya Jeya Mahadeva'(but not me).I felt like we are going for the trekking.I was not imagining the temple also.The steps padhai was very hard to cross.Put halt in middle.We took rest whenever we needed,then started again after gaining the energy.I was not able to breath.Nanda master told 'Bala poidalam'(Bala we can reach) with the full force in his voice.He was having that much energy.I had boosted up myself.


            In one place Dev master sat up and told “I think I cant walk you people go, the parotta which we had is doing something to me”.I thought he felt vomitting Parvati master told we are going to put halt for half an hour. And she started chanting 'Om Namashivaya' to him.And gave her energy to him by placing her hands in his head(I think).Then she told this is how we yoga masters live by passing the energy.

            Then comes the 'rocks padhai' like in Nagalapuram trekking.This rocks padhai was little bit easy only.It is always easy to walk in the rocks rather than steps.But it was full of rocks.In this path also in some places there was no grip.And I was not able to grip in some of the rocks.For the whole trekking journey we were not walking casually.We bent forward to walk in most of the places.In some places we were crawling only.Especially me and Arya.I have kept my mobile torch in one hand and started crawling.Lots of damage to the phone(nokia basic set only).Arya has kept the phone in her mouth and crawling.I stopped in one place.Noone was there in front of me.Everyone went off.Seeing at the back they are coming very far(Arya,Kaviyarasan,Dev master).I got struck.Not able to move.No grip was there in that rock.I couldn move right side , left side.Started calling(almost shouting) Kaviyarasan.

            He ran and overtook me  and was telling instructions keep this leg here,that leg here,catched his hand to move forward.I landed in one place.The same thing he was doing for Arya also.He seemed to be having much experience in trekking.He was helping myself and Arya in so many times.It was too dark.Nothing was visible.Elumalai anna told not to put light on side of the mountain.Then all the sidhas get disturbed.

            Then comes the path where rod was there in the middle of the path to hold and move forward.We moved easily by holding that.We thought that was the kadaparai padhai so we thought we have crossed the toughest path.But we didnt.Next comes the 'Kadaparai padhai'.This is my favorite path.I enjoyed it very much.Only Eetti,kadaparai,small rods were placed in rocks on both sides.It was very tricky.By holding that small rods we moved forward.They have made small steps here and there.I was thinking I am not able to go alone how paru and nanda master took the big steel rod in their hand and balanced.Arya,Kaviyarasan and Dev master three together came in one torch.After that ladder came.everything was 90 degree.Everytime Raji and Nims were souting like “hold left side dont hold any is very loose.Dont go right side.You will fell off”.I was not able to get their tips since I was far from them.In between me and Raji Nanda

master and paru master were shouting 'Om Namashivaya'.At one point of time I also started telling 'Om namashivaya'  from rocks padhai itself.I felt energetic.That too in kadaparai padhai for each step,each time when I held a rod to move forward told 'Om Namashivaya'.How powerful it was.No words to explain that feeling.

            After that we put halt for some time.When we started from down to climb one group also came with us sometimes.They had Sangu.They blew that often in temple and on the way also.It was very pleasant to hear.When we put halt that group was also there.Nanda master asked that guys for that sangu.Two times he tried to blow but sound did not come.He had disappointed very much.The third time suddenly sangu sound came.My god everyone was very happy.We were all shouting.Then subramaniam sir tod that the third time when nanda master blewthat he was praying and took a deep breath and with concentration he blew.The enery that spread over in that area we felt so excited.Everyone was showing interest to touch the sangu atleast once and blow it.Next Parvati master tried but sound did not come.She got disappointed.Then dev master tried he also could not able to do it.As far as I know if we have very good breathing control we can blow it.Then after lot of enthu I got the sangu in my hand.I felt good.Then I asked how to blow from one person from the group.Then somebody from the group said you have to keep the mouth inside the sangu and hold sideways then blow it.There was hole in the top of the sangu.If we close that sound will not come.I did not close that one.I catched the sangu in both the sides in  two hands.Put my mouth in the sangu tried to concentrate took a deep breath,took some time then started pusing air from the mouth to sangu.Yes I blew it.Sound also came.Everyone was shouting Yea..Then Nims tried she also blew it.Then everyone tried second time.When we returned that sangu immediately one guy from that group blew it for such a long time.I felt amazed.We started the journey from there.

            We crossed some distance then very narrow path came.Steps are very nice to climb.But at a time only one person can go.Just 7 or 10 steps only.But very narrow.I thought jolly atleast thiis is easy to climb.Lethogically I came.Till there we were stretching our legs to climb.Here in the narrow path when I was about to move forward without stretching I had cramp in both the thighs.I was not able to move at all.Kaviyarasan and Dev master motivated me to sit.Just sat there on the way itself.Then everyone was calling me and told “sit on the side,so many are coming dont block the way.I was not able to move.I just gave small way to others and sat.Dev master came

removed my shoes and massaged.I told pain is not there.He told if tension is in one place means that no blood circulation is there.Should not touch that place.Should massage the place around only.Meanwhile Parvati master and Nanda master motivated me.Nanda master told 'Bala come on will go'.That time I saw caring and kindness in Dev master.When Dev master told 'I am not able to walk you go' I did not ask single word also.I thought he will be ok in some time.I am trying to care others from that trekking onwards.For a sec I thought how it will cure and how we can cllimb.Somebody has got my bag and allowed me to walk simply.My legs became fine and we  moved forward.

            Nims told us to remove our shoes.Somebody told her it seems. In this mountain we should not put shoes or slippers.That too now you are in the head position of nandi in this mountain.So remove your shoes and go.After hearing that everybody has removed their slippers and went by bare foot.But from starting of the journey onwards Parvati master and Arya were coming in bare foot only.Actually we enjoyed that also.We saw the temple while walking itself.Yes we know that we are going to reach temple,the top of the mountain.Almost five hours journey going to end.We aimed for 12 o clock pooja.We went nearly 11.30 p.m. itself.When nearing the temple everyone's voice increased.'Om Namashivaya'.The energy,the power,the positive vibration,the curiosity,the bliss,the pleasant feeling.No words to say when we reached the temple.Only tears are missing.But we got that feeling.Everyone in our team gathered in the temple.Then we saw Eeswaran(Mallikarjuneswarar).I was thinking for meeting you only we had travelled this much.Everything is for you only.We saw eeswaran the lord shivan finally.That moment,nobody can explain.In that temple everyone can get inside the karpagraham.When we eached near by shivan the group with sangu was inside the karpagraham.They did some pooja with thiruneeru. And then they blew sangu.Everyone was telling 'Om Namashivaya'.If I think that moment now also I am getting goosebumps.Getting mesmerized.

             I thought for us only that special pooja happened.And to see that only we took that much time,Struck in middle.All is well.We went inside the karpagraham one by one.I think nobody was not knowing what to pray.After seeing shivan for long time I remembered all my prayers and told him.I thought of not to ask.But then I thought we may not be coming here in future.So lets tell all my prayers with guiltiness.I asked so many things to him.Nanda master told when I reached the top and went inside the temple I became blank.I did not ask eeswaran anything.


            When we went inside karpagraham everyone saw lord shiva very close,touched his feet,prayed,bowed down and came back.I felt like next achievement is done.Then we visited shivas wife.We went inside the karpagraham.And met her close.Took kumkumam and came.I think boys are not allowed inside the karpagraham of shivas wife.Then we all gathered outside of the temple.That was the moment we all shared how we felt after reaching at the top.i told “Yes at last we reached gave hi-fi to everyone.When I told that to Arya Yes she told and kissed me.I dont know what to do that time.Now I am giving Arya,here is your kiss.catch. Nanda master was in blissful mood.Everyone seems to be very satisfied.

            We started eating masala poori brought by Raji.And some dates we had.Then we had mangoes which we bought in the mid of travel to thiruvannamalai.Everyone was very tired.was trying to settle and sleep in open space itself.Some of us had brought bedsheet.But not me.I had only cotton shawl.When we were climbing since it sweated a lot we were able to manage the cold.And more over to reduce our heat it drizzled sometimes also.Whenever we put halt it drizzled and wind has blown.We were surprised.We felt like God is welcoming us.

            Arya,Parvati master,Dev master,Raji, and I think Subramanian sir were having bedsheet.When we were sitting itself we felt cold.But there only we need to sleep.Myself,Arya,Nims were sharing Arya's bedsheet.It was not enough.So I got out of the bedsheet.Dev master asked do you want bedsheet I said no.I thought let him take rest.Meanwhile everyone was calling Nanda master.But he did not hear at all.Then we came to know that he was sitting near the motor room which makes him warm.Then I also went there and sat.I said him I am not able to sleep here.He said lets find the place inside the temple.Raji also joined.

            Me,Raji,Nanda master searched place to sleep.Already temple was filled with people.We found a place near to sivan itself.Nanda master requested one person to move and sleep somewhere.Then Raji,me,Nanda master were lied on the floor.I shared Raji's bedsheet.Nanda master was having one cotton shawl.It was very warm inside the temple.So slept for some time.Then comes the big group to worship Shiva.They were not having a place to stand.So me,Raji alone went out.We tried to sleep under one roof.That was also cold.After some time one cold wind blew.I was not able to bare the coldness.Started shivering.I was thinking how people are sleeping outside the temple in the rock without roof.Again I left Raji and ran inside the temple,searching for the place.Raji also came.She found a place.We went there.Kaviyarasan was also sleeping there.


            Since Raji is short she found a perfect place.But no place to keep my leg.I was moving this side that side.No place at all.If we had waken up kaviyarasan we would have slept well by changing the direction.But we did not want to wake him up.It was Sunday morning 5 a.m.Nims and Parvati master came inside the temple and were talking 'how nicely they are sleeping'  by seeing us.We were awake only.Then we said we had not slept at all and said Lets start moving to go down.Parvati master told yes we can go.

            When we went near Shiva Nanda master was not there.Then we heard that due to heavy rush inside the temple he also went out and slept with our team.For whole night he was murmuring because of cold it seems.I think Subramanian sir did not feel any difficulty.Then again we all gathered inside the karpagraham.All of us are now in karpagraham.Some of us sat inside.Then prayed for some time.Parvati master told 'OM'.We all joined.We told 'OM' for some time.We felt the vibrations.Then we told 'Om Namasivaya' for some time.We felt good.Then we told 'Hara Hara Mahadeva' 'Jeya Jeya Mahadeva'.We felt energetic.After gaining all the positive energy we bent and bowed down one by one in front of shiva.Touched sivan mesmerized and applied thiruneeru on our forehead.

            Then we started to meet siva's wife amman.All the girls again  went inside and took arathi to her one by one.Applied kumkumam.Then we met one swamigal who was in the temple.I think he administrates there.We all were talking to him.He said I feel like you are real devotees.So many has come to this temple.But I am seeing divine in your faces.Then he started singing loudly.He said he has throat pain.But when he sung his throat opened.then we got ashirvadham from him one by one.Paru master told we are coming from Yoga class.He said 'happy,when I come to Chennai I ll come to your center'.Then she gave donation.And swamigal had given us a card where shiva and his wife are there with the background of parvadha malai.Then we came out of the temple around 6 a.m.We took some photos covering the mountain then we started to climb down the mountain.Nanda master was not at all interested to go down.he said 'I will stay here I dont want to come'.Slowly walked down.

            After one place we put shoes but I again lost the grip.So removed shoes and walked bare foot.It was easy.I did not ask for help anymore when moving.climbing down is easy compared to climb up.For going up and going down there are two different paths.We put halt in so many places.Lethogically slowly we climbed down.Raji was so tensed for making too late.We took so

many photos covering the difficulty of the paths.Everything is 90 degree ladders.So many shops are there on the way.We had paniyaram in one shop.It was awesome.It was like amirtham.Paniyaram with tomato chutney.Meanwhile Raji and Arya were supplying bread and jam.We had everything and started from there.It was easy to climb down.When we climbed up we had the target point said by Elumalai anna,Sarasakka kadai(shop).He told us to reach there and wait for him.Raji asked in every shop whether this is sarasakka shop like that.They said No.Without knowing that itself we reached top.Somebody said it was closed.We put halt that time,there was two direcctions ,we dont know which route to follow.We had bananas and waited for Elumalai anna.He did not come.Then Subramanian sir told if both are in opposite directions then one arrow is for the people going up and another for people coming down.Nims told ohhhhhh you are right as if she has realised life's thathuvam(meaning of life).
            When we returned, in the same place we put halt, had tea from Sarasakka shop.One attukal was there(olden days grinder).Paru master was taking tumbles with that.We were chatting for lot of time there.We were not at all interested to go down.Slowly we started to go down.After crossing all the rocks padhai then comes the steps padhai.When we were not able to wear the shoes , we tied the shoes and slippers in the bag only.So it was on both the side of the hand.I enjoyed every activity we had done there.Myself,Nanda master ,Dev master,Arya were tied our shoes and slippers in bag.I wanted to take a pic of 4 of us.We clicked that moment.

            Kaviyarasan was always having a rod or stick in the hand.While climbing up he had the rod in hand.He was carrying the rod alone for so many times when critical rocks came to cross.While returning he was having the long stick,with that very easily he has climbed down.He tied his slippers in that stick, for some time tied my shoes also in that.Each one was with different get up.Wore shoes from steps padhai onwards.I was walking very slow.At one point of time Raji told If I come behind Bala,I will sleep.I dont know how these people walk very fast.Subramanian sir was rocking as usual.He had the company of Nims most of the times.Very few times myself and sir went together.Sometimes I joined with Nanda master while climbing ,sometimes with parvati master.I was sure that I should not go back.I should maintain the position.But when returning I maintained the last position only.In the starting of the steps padhai there is a temple in which so many sidhas medidated.there is a naga with two feet height.Elumalai anna said that was real only It became statue.We sat there and started medidating.Paru master told if you have any

questions then ask.Nanda master,Paru master and Nims raised some questions.Dev master answered.Then we started singing swami songs.Raji led us we followed singing.Then Parvati master led the singing then we followed.Arya sung mind blowing,the feel,the pronunciation,the depth in her voice we could feel that.Paru master was very much interested in telling 108 potri to sivan.Nanda master and Nims searched using net connection.When we got that Nims was so happy.Because in the top of the mountain internet connection was very bad.We told potri as well.I was very silent.I dont know why.I wanted to medidate and forget about me.

            Since I walked at the last,I joined Dev master from steps padhai onwards when climbing down.From then on  we were walking together.Everybody has left,they went far.we were walking very slowly.Then we crossed vana durga and all the temples.Finally reached Veerbadrar temple.Annadhanam was happening there.We had our lunch there.Raji was about to eat first.Dev  master said 'what is this.Why hurriburrily going to start eating.together we should eat. If you are reaching first also you should wait for others to come'.Then she went and came back with plate filled with food for samadhanam and gave to Dev master(what about me?!).We had filled our stomach.There was water with herbs.We had that water and started to our cab.Still we need to walk for long time.Everybody walked fast.Paru master, Nanda master,Dev master walked with bare foot.I got the slippers of Dev master since I was not able to walk with shoes also.everybody had reached prior to us.Myseld and Dev master were talking and came slowly.(He was talking,I was listening) He told about how he had grown up and about his family.Nice to hear all the stories.

            When we reached the cab everybody was inside the car and got settled.Paru master told us Om Namashivaya and welcomed us.We also told Om Namashivaya.She told 'Hara Hara Mahadeva' we replied 'Jeya Jeya Mahadeva'.Felt happy.Ended our trekking journey.Met Shiva had lot of experiences our next achievement is done.

            I learnt so many things.I appreciated myself for that.We took so many points when we went together as a team to fulfill one thing.In our team everyone was not at the same age.we had a team with different ages,different motives,with different energy levels.But we have shared our energy levels,enthusiasm.

            I have learnt so many to care others.I have seen complete soft and caring nature of Dev master.Very spiritual,energetic,motivated nature of Nanda master.Without Nanda

master our trekking journey would have been little tougher and we would have felt journey is too long.But every single word that came from his mouth motivated others.poidalam poidalam(we can reach) he says.And many times he said 'Om Namashivaya' only.The conversations between Nanda master and Paru master were very nice to hear.In so many critical situations also,Nanda master says Paru ma.He does not say anything else.Paru master tells Nanda.Thats it.No other big lengthy conversations while climbing.But both of them had the same intention of keeping the rod at the top of the mountain only.When Paru master were trying to blow the sangu also she has not kept the rod down.They never sat when climbing.

            When eating mangoes it is always paru master turn.She cut and gives to everyone.So many monkeys came.I have catched others hands when crossing monkeys.I have taken each characteristic from everyone.I have read some thing from them.Now everyone is here down at the mountain with full of strength.Every time when we see the mountain from long we used to say 'we went there only'.

            After this trekking Parvati master had the plan of going to the Ramana ashramam,Yogi ram surath kumar ashramam directly.We said we need to refresh.then we all came to the room.refreshed probabaly in an hour and then packed everything, vacated and started to Ramana ashramam.From here onwards I became very silent.I felt the calmness of ashramam and I adopted to that characteristic.We went to Ramana hall there we medidated.And we saw the gallory about Ramanar.And we had seen so many swamiji's jeeva samadhi.And the place where mahan Ramanar had seperated his his soul from his body.Then we started to climb the rock to go to another ashramam of ramana.It was so easy rock to climb.But I was not able to walk.Very very tired.And pain started in each part of the body.Slowly at the last  I came.But everybody seems to be with same enthu and energy.Arya and Subramanian sir also felt little bit tired but they did not show off.From one place,we were able to see all the towers of Arunachaleswarar temple.It was so nice to see.Since we walked very slowly we took so much time to reach there.The place where Ramana's mom was living.Then we medidated for few minutes.then we started to the place where Ramana used to medidate.But it was closed.I think it was around 4.30 p.m.We just missed the visiting time.Then we started to climb down in another way.

            On the way Unnamalaiyamman temple is there.Nearby one well is there,surrounded with big lengthy full wall.That was very pleasant to see.Somebody from there said,this water is directly

coming from mountain.Nanda master and Paru master took water in bucket from well.It was so tasty.I drank so much of water.There was another small cave in which sidhas and ramanar also medidated.It was very small and we bent and went inside,sat there.There was one deepam which burns all day.He said you can pray if it happened you can pour oil on this deepam.The cave was very nice.Medidated for few secs and then started. For the whole journey Nanda master and Subramaniam sir cameras only we used.We tookso many breathtaking pics while climbing down parvadha malai.If we see the photos now also goosebumps comes.

            Finally ramanar asramam visit is done.Then comes my favorite place Yogi Ram Surath Kumar ashramam.I have seen that in my childhood.I came with my family.I was very excited to go there.There comes the twist.I think the time was around 5.30 p.m.Dev master was so much concerned that everybody should reach their home early.Then he asked everyone if we go to another ashramam then it will take time to reach.Then we need to skip the dinner he said.Everyone was silent.Myself and Nims had no time constraint.But family members were also there.Need to consider them also.I just once told we can go to ashramam master.Then became silent.then he took the decision of starting the journey to chennai.Yes we started.I was too worried.I thought my bad luck.I was not able to go.And I thought Yogi Ram Surath Kumar was not interested to see me.I was very disappointed.I was so silent I was not able to accept at all.Then I thought whatever happens it is for good only.If I feel sad also I can not go back.Lets enjoy the journey,I thought.

            Then I joined the conversation happened inside the car.On the way we had seen Senji Raja fort and Rani fort from inside the car itself.Fort was on the rock so awesome to see.While going to thiruvannamalai,we said we have to go here when we come back.But we can not go.We can not strain oursselves more than this.We had bread and Jam.Raji has supplied to everyone.Then the conversation went in different directions.Both Arya and Subramaniam sir had slept.We started up with Nanda he expects his life partner should be.The replies are very lovely and romantic to hear.He said he will never ever get angry.And we have never seen also.Then comes Dev master turn.He said his expectations.We had asked so many questions.Then paru master she opened up her heart and said her expectations.For few questions she was very bold and for few she showed her shyness also.From Nanda master I took the point 'I will never get angry whatever she(my lifepartner) does also'.From Parvati master I had learnt one thing which has deeply set in my mind.She said,'I am ready to show unconditional love to him,I will shower my love'.Such a lovely words.I was telling myself learn how to love others.


            After finishing this journey I felt new positive strength in me.I have seen so many changes in my character.When we were about to reach Velachery,I was interested in giving final talk,end of the journey.I thanked all the masters for arranging such a wonderful trip.And I said we enjoyed a lot.Kaviyarasan was asking sorry to all the masters if we had talked too much or done something wrong.Everybody seems to be happy.There was a place venkateswara super market we reached,where we need to drop Raji.I was not at all interested to leave her.She was our booster for the whole journey.Such a talkative and energetic girl.I hugged her and said Miss you and dropped her.From there we felt a emptiness.Silently we reached the Yoga center.Subramanian sir told my wife is waiting for me for dinner.So he had thanked and told,'Really I had a wonderful time.I have gone back to my teenage'.then Paru master told him to say his wife thanks for the tamrine rice and curd rice and told him to say that curd rice was so awesome.It was around 9 p.m.Masters settled the cab.We said thanks for the driver anna and went up.Everybody seems to be very tired.

            Myself and Nims had to finish our dinner and then go to hostel.Because in hostel sunday dinner will be worst.So we were expecting when will we go to hotel.Then we need to go hostel.It will become very late.Myself,Nims,Arya,kaviyarasan,Dev master ,Nanda master,Parvati master we all went to Star biriyani.Had filled our stomach with fried rice,chickens and all.It was around 10.45 p.m.We had to start to hostel.Me and Nims informed everyone and started.kaviyarasan started in bike.Nanda master's brother was waiting he was about to start.I think Dev master and Parvati master  dropped Arya by walk.When we reached the hostel Nims was telling very patiently to the roommate can you take the bag from chair.It is there for long time and occupying so much place and explained what is the problem without any tension.We used to put lot of cold war with roommates.But she told very patiently,she was ready to give up for roommate also.That was the achievement of the trip.

            I had explicitly seen so many changes in me,I was ready to accept my mistake,I was ready to give more love to fellowmates,I was flexible with fellowmates.I had brought kindness in my voice somethimes.And the last of all I was ready to face the problems.I was waiting for the problems to address me.I have taken so many characters from each one.How to appreciate small little things also from Nanda master.How to cherish and explore everythiing as a child from Parvati master.How to be caring,patient and being responsible,concerned about everyone from Dev master.How to be flexible with everyone,without showing off the struggles from Arya.How to

be cope with everyone,adjusting from Subramanian sir.How to take leadership when everybody is down,how to push up everyone if they are going out of motive from Raji.

            I need to tell about Raji.i admire her.She helped me and Nims very much.Her motive words pushed us to climb up the mountain without any worries in mind.Me and Nims got very scary after hearing the Elumalai anna stories.That time Raji had supported us a lot.Raji told 'We are going to see god.God does not hate anyone.He is full of love.If you show him love,he does not do anything harm'.Such a soothing words.That was the time I admired her for sportiveness.In girivalam also she was telling so many spiritual stores while walking.I took those points from her.

            How to be very supportive to the team without giving any problems,how not to demand anything,how to accept anything that happens from Nims.How to help others,how to adjust with everyone,be flexible,how to let others take decisions from Kaviyarasan.Likewise I have admired each one,read everyone and took some characters and learnt how to be part of team.I feel, that was my acievement from the whole trip.I cherish my trip.This became my favorite trip.

            'Om Namashivaya', This is your turn to tell....